Touring Review and Giveaway

For those of you who may have never heard of the game, Touring is a family-friendly card game with an auto racing theme. This game truly is a classic in every sense of the word and with an interesting history to boot! It was first designed by William Janson Roche in 1906 (that's 111 years ago!), picked up by Parker Brothers in 1925, discontinued, and then reissued by Winning Moves in 2014.

110 cards and a rule sheet is included in the box


Now for the specifics:

Touring is suitable for ages 7 and up

It takes between 35 to 50 minutes to play

2,3,4, or 6 players can play the game.

The rules specifically list these numbers. There doesn't seem to be rules for 5 players although I'm sure it's doable.

There are 110 cards included in the game


How to play:

The game is simple to play and only really takes a minute to learn (okay, maybe 5 max).

The goal of the game is to be the first to achieve 550 miles by playing the specified number of mile cards; that's eight 20 mile cards, four 35 mile cards, two 50 mile cards, and two 75 mile cards. Players take turns drawing from the deck and playing or discarding a card; but to even start laying mile cards down, you'd need to play a "GO" card. From then on, you can start laying down your mile cards. Note that the "GO" cards only allows you to play 20 or 35 mile cards and you'll need to play a "Freeway" card before you can start playing higher value mile cards.

In addition to trying to reach your own goal of 550 miles, you can play penalty cards against your opponents to slow them down! Cards like "Speed Limit" and "Bad Brakes" put a limit on what mile cards your opponent plays or take one of their mile cards away but other penalties like "Accident" and "Out of Gas" deals some heavy punishment! Playing an "Accident" or "Out of Gas" card against an opponent forces them to play a specific card ("Tow Truck" for "Accident" or "Gas" for "Out of Gas") AND another "GO" card to start laying down mile cards again! This was difficult to get out of when we played but not impossible (I mean, I did get back to laying down mile cards again eventually!)

Mile cards are required to advance in the game.

My thoughts on the game:

The "Take That!" nature of the game can lead to some frustrating outcomes but overall, it was a fun game. The art isn't the greatest but it's an old game so maybe that's forgivable. One thing I would definitely change would be some of those penalty cards. It was difficult to get rid of the "Out of Gas" card when it was played on me (multiple opponent was merciless!). I couldn't seem to draw a "Gas" card and when I finally managed to draw one, I had to keep drawing for a "GO" card just to continue. Yes, I did eventually get the cards I needed to get back on track but it took seemingly forever.

The "Mechanic" card stops your opponent from playing penalty cards that take mile cards away from you but there isn't a card that stops your opponent from playing those penalty cards that stop you dead in your tracks or allows you to discard those penalties so that you can move on to playing mile cards again. A card like that would really help with the flow of the game!

Touring was supposedly the inspiration behind the popular game, Mille Bornes, and you can really see the resemblance! If you like Mille Bornes, you'll probably like Touring too.


Touring would make a great, little gift; perfect for a stocking stuffer for that tabletop gamer or parent of small children! We're happy to announce that we'll be giving away a free, unopened copy of Touring! Look below and follow instructions on that little Gleam widget to enter for a chance to win this classic racing game!

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