Crazy Commute Kickstarter Cancellation

With a heavy-but-hopeful heart that we regret to announce that we have canceled our Kickstarter campaign for Crazy Commute...however, do not take this as our giving up! We still believe Crazy Commute is a good game and deserves to be published!

Over the next few months, we will be retooling our campaign and rethinking our strategies as we gear up for a relaunch in this coming January 2018. There were many things that went wrong with the campaign, but we'll get more in-depth about that in our next post when we do our postmortem.

We encourage our readers to subscribe to our mailing list so that they may be notified right when we relaunch our campaign and so that they can get updates on our latest projects. Do check out our landing page for Crazy Commute here and enter to win a free copy of the game if our next campaign is successfully funded:

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