Remedy's Kickstarter and Print-&-Play Update

Our Kickstarter campaign for Remedy: The Card Game ended on November 7 and, unfortunately, Remedy was not successfully funded; however, we do not consider this a failure. We have learned a lot from this project and the campaign, and we have received a lot of support and encouragement all around!

As thanks for your support on our very first Kickstarter campaign, we are offering the print-and-play files for Remedy free of charge! You can download the files here:

Feel free to share the link or files with anyone you think will like the game!

This will not be the last time you'll see us on Kickstarter; in fact, we've already started work on another tabletop game!

For updates, you can follow our Twitter or like our Facebook page! Feel free to send us any questions, feedback, or comments! We always appreciate them!

Thank you all for your support!

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